With “Air Quality” being under the spotlight over the past few years, Lecore have developed a range of products that allow our customers to effectively manage, process and recover, their fugitive emissions.

All of this is done to ensure compliance to local legislations, but more importantly, because we care for our environment, and our generations to come.

Let’s get in touch to discuss your Vapour Recovery, or Vapour Scrubbing requirements. We are here to help.

Vapour Recovery Units

Vapour Recovery Units

Lecore’s range of pre-designed, standardized and competitive vapour recovery units encompasses more than 30 years of experience and a record covering more than 300 units installed worldwide.

LeCore Gas Flares

Gas Flares

Flares for the exhaust air combustion up to a temperature of 850°C, alternatively manufactured as open or concealed combustion.



Vent dryers are sometimes used to prevent the ingress of moisture into a tank storing concentrated sulphuric acid. Desiccant dryers are the most common way of preventing the ingress of moisture into a tank.