Top Loading Arms are articulated, self-supported pipelines used to transfer fluids from stocking depots to road or railway tankers through the manhole on the top of the tank. Long range type allows the maximum loading coverage, while vapor recovery system enables vapor return via a dedicated line to the platform.

Components Description

  • Right-hand layout, bottom inlet, ANSI 150 inlet flange
  • Swivel style F-20 in 42C r M o4 carbon steel + FKM seals
  • Boom pipe in carbon steel
  • Pillow block to reduce the twisting moment on the inlet flange
  • Double swivel style F-50 in 42C r M o4 carbon steel + FKM seals
  • Compression spring balancing unit
  • Loading valve in aluminum alloy, stay-open type
  • Loading valve remote control lever
  • Main pipe in aluminum alloy
  • Drop pipe swivel style F-40 in aluminum alloy + FKM seals
  • Drop pipe in aluminum alloy with sealing cone coated with Hypalon rubber
  • Overfill vibrating level sensor with rigid protection
  • Drip bucket in aluminum alloy
Lecore loading arms

Locally tested & assembled

Download the pdf file (300kb)